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October 04, 2012

Rhian & Roy Wedding, Leez Priory, Chelmsford, Essex | London Wedding Photographer


August 2012 | The wedding of Rhian and Roy was a sequence of wonderful moments and places, as well as nature and weather. The weather was beautiful since early morning. A couple of doves, probably permanent inhabitants of Leez Priory, also accompanied me since the very morning.

Rhian's preparation took place in a picturesque little house, surrounded by greenery and bushes. You could feed the ducks without leaving the house, and the light coming through the doors and windows gave me opportunities for fantastic exposures.

The weather on this day surprised us several times. I always tell the young couple: “Don't worry if it rains on your wedding day. This is inevitable in England, but it usually rains for a few minutes. Besides, I like it when it rains, because such moments often add beautiful variety to the wedding story.” There is one photo of rain from that day which I particularly like. Near the end of the day, thanks to the fact that most guests were still relaxing outside, I could delight the eye with a so-called “golden hour”. Amazing, soft, golden light of the setting sun perfectly conveyed the relaxed atmosphere of the wedding.

I like to work when there is a lot of free time for guests and young couple during the day, when things do not strictly follow a meticulous schedule. When everyone has time for themselves and the young couple. Such was the case. The guests took a wander over the estates of Leez Priory, and I could watch from the distance what was going on around me, capturing the more interesting moments.

A ceremony full of emotions, smiling guests, great food and wonderful weather. What more could one want? Beautiful pictures, definitely. This is the story of Rhian and Roy, I invite you to take a look at 135 photos.


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August 10, 2012

What makes a good photographer? Photo taken at the Right Moment :)


Rhian & Roy

Leez Priory | 3rd August 2012

August 09, 2012

3rd August | Rhian & Roy Wedding | Leez Priory, Chelmsford



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Leez Priory, Hartford End, Great Leighs, Chelmsford , CM3 1JP

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