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July 20, 2012

When and how to take your best group wedding photos?



The weddings can be organised in various ways and there is no best way, but in my opinion the time right after the ceremony and prior to reception is the best, but I will refer to do it in the end. After the ceremony everyone is in good spirits, most often the most important people are already at the place.



Firstly, you have to prepare a group list. If your wedding is small and the group consists of up to 50 guests it is not necessary but it can make things quicker if you do not have much time for such pictures. With the groups over 50 people I would say that such a list is a necessity and obligation if we want to save stress and time.


Logical order?

Now, you have your list. You have to print it in three copies or ask your photographer to do it for you – make sure you sent him your list. Maybe the photographer will propose some helpful changes. Make sure that the groups on your list are in logical order. For example, if you’re planning to have several group photos, some of which will be with parents, the quickest way to do it is to do it at once and not to search for them at the end of the session.



Don’t forget to choose helpers – think a few days before the wedding about people who will help you to select the guests from a given group from the crowd. Give your helpers the printed guest list and a pen. The task of the photographer is to take the unforgettable pictures but you cannot expect that he will know all of your guests. You can significantly shorten the time of the session with the help of your witnesses or chosen family members (maximum 2 people). The task of the photographer is to prepare the adequate place and the task of the chosen helpers is to find the first group. In the meantime the second group has to be selected by the second helper and so on.


Who is the first?

Parents, grandparents and elderly people – if you’re planning several wedding photos it is best to do it with those people at first. Especially if it is hot. Taking photos of each group should not last more than a minute. It is enough time to take a few photos from which the best one will be selected in the end.



What if the place of your wedding ceremony is not suitable for taking group photos? Talk to your photographer and trust his experience. The experienced photographer will know which place to choose for the wedding photos - the place of ceremony or reception. In such situation the list is necessary and helps to be in control of the situation with all the guests going in different directions. It is worth notifying people from the top of the group list that the pictures will be taken right after arriving at the place.

Stress – don’t worry that there are 100 or more people to be photographed in groups. My experience tells that with the help of two people you can have control over 350 guests. The most important thing is to stay calm. The group photos are important but your good mood is most important.

In the end I have to mention that if you think that all those tips will guarantee that you will not have to search for aunt Emma or uncle Dennis – you are wrong. However, such list will significantly help you to shorten the time devoted to group session.



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