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April 16, 2013

Bobbie & Cash, Jamaican Wedding, Montego Bay | It's time for a bit of sunshine!

Let me present you the story of Cash and Bobbie, whom I had the opportunity to meet a year before their wedding. First there was planning and anticipation, and finally in September we met again in Jamaica. It wasn't an ordinary wedding, but a meeting of two families, two related cultures, and guests from several continents. There was a dash of Nigeria, Jamaica, North and South Americas and England.

I had a chance to spend several days with fantastic people, full of warmth, smiles, good mood, and – what is most important – people who knew how to relish the most beautiful day in their lives. The first evening that we spent together was a meeting of the closest family, and the next day I spent with Bobbie from the early morning. Thanks to the fact that Bobbie and Cash were separated with only a few floors, I could freely move between the preparation rooms of girls and boys. Two different worlds, women's as usual – a slight confusion and a thousand of things done at the same time, while men's – relaxation, time passing slowly, in their own rhythm, efficiently and with good humour. 

Everything changed when the time came. Cash, calm up until then, could not hide the tears when he saw Bobbie led by her father. The entire ceremony was held in the fresh air, surrounded by the nearest and dearest, as well as palm trees and northern breeze. Right after the ceremony there was a moment for family photos, then we went to have a short session in the best possible time – the sun was setting.

The wedding reception was one big festival of toasts, good music, great fun, and I would like now to thank the staff, who patiently tolerated the guests who were still dancing between the tables already being taken outside after the party was finished, at night. To sum up – a 110% success.

Two days later we went for a short walk along the seashore, where I took some excellent family photos.

I recommend Jamaica. The people, the sun, the weather, the rum, the coffee, and the music, to which you can really... relax ;)

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January 26, 2013

Ealing Town Hall, Sri Lankan Wedding | London


On a chilly October morning I headed off to photograph the lovely Priya and Kes on their wedding day.

The wedding took place at Ealing Town Hall, London.

Here are some of my favourites:

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October 04, 2012

Rhian & Roy Wedding, Leez Priory, Chelmsford, Essex | London Wedding Photographer


August 2012 | The wedding of Rhian and Roy was a sequence of wonderful moments and places, as well as nature and weather. The weather was beautiful since early morning. A couple of doves, probably permanent inhabitants of Leez Priory, also accompanied me since the very morning.

Rhian's preparation took place in a picturesque little house, surrounded by greenery and bushes. You could feed the ducks without leaving the house, and the light coming through the doors and windows gave me opportunities for fantastic exposures.

The weather on this day surprised us several times. I always tell the young couple: “Don't worry if it rains on your wedding day. This is inevitable in England, but it usually rains for a few minutes. Besides, I like it when it rains, because such moments often add beautiful variety to the wedding story.” There is one photo of rain from that day which I particularly like. Near the end of the day, thanks to the fact that most guests were still relaxing outside, I could delight the eye with a so-called “golden hour”. Amazing, soft, golden light of the setting sun perfectly conveyed the relaxed atmosphere of the wedding.

I like to work when there is a lot of free time for guests and young couple during the day, when things do not strictly follow a meticulous schedule. When everyone has time for themselves and the young couple. Such was the case. The guests took a wander over the estates of Leez Priory, and I could watch from the distance what was going on around me, capturing the more interesting moments.

A ceremony full of emotions, smiling guests, great food and wonderful weather. What more could one want? Beautiful pictures, definitely. This is the story of Rhian and Roy, I invite you to take a look at 135 photos.


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July 10, 2012

Londond Prism Wedding Photo Story


Selection of 34 photos from Kerim and Sarah's London wedding


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March 07, 2012

Asian Sikh Wedding | Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Salangor Club


The gallery of 133 pictures from the wedding of Jasveen and Siamak (with whom I had a pleasure to work during their wedding in London at Hyatt Regency Hotel).

Their second wedding organised in the Sikh tradition took place in Kuala Lumpur last year. My adventure with the family of Jasveen and Siamak lasted almost a week.  Starting from the family reunion which was filled with emotions (some family members have not seen each other for a long time), and ending with the traditional wedding at the temple after which the wedding reception was held at Salangor Club. That place is a historical one as in the year 1957 The Federation of Malaya announced independence there.

On the first day when the whole family met, there was one, big spontaneous party which started in the early hours with eating, taking and signing and lasted long after midnight. That day can be described just in three words: eat, sing and laugh.

On the next day the traditional mehndi and dholki/sangeet ceremony took place. That day can be described with four words: eat, sing, laugh and dance.  All of it was mixed with beautiful colours and aromas. On that day women intricately made mandalas. The symbol of harmony between a man and space. The bride was decorated with henna ornaments on hands and feet. The person doing those ornaments does not follow a special pattern but does it spontaneously so the ornaments are never twice the same. Then the selected bracelets were put on the bride’s hand in a special order, nothing is random here.

On the third day there was a traditional wedding. Although singing and dancing lasted long the previous night – the bride and groom started their preparations early in the morning. The preparation of the bride is a completely different story. The make-up, hair, wedding dress, shoes and jewellery are equally important here. Nothing can be ignored. And once again – aromas and colours, laughter and concentration. The ceremony is about to begin.

The ceremony; concentration, laughter, prayers, attention of the others. Then, waiting for the evening reception at the Salangor Club.

The reception at Salangor Club can be described with three words:  eat, dance, and love. There was fantastic cuisine and dancers. All of it filled with tears of happiness. Parents were crying for their daughters, a brother for a sister and a wife for her husband.  

As for me it was a fantastic time spent in Malaysia with the whole family of Jasveen and Siamak. It was magical, filled with aromas, discussions, laughter, singing, dancing and praying. It is something that you will remember for the rest of your life every time you take a picture.

Possibility of taking photographs barefoot in the Malaysian climate – priceless.

Please take a look at some picture from the three days of this unforgettable adventure:

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February 09, 2012

Sikh Wedding | Temple Shri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend

Firstly, there was a pre-wedding photo session. Then, there was a fantastic wedding near Leeds in Hazlewood Castle. Now, the adventure has repeated for the third time. Neil and Nunu participated in a beautiful ceremony together with their families and friends.  As it comes to me, I had again a pleasure to be in the centre of something beautiful and traditional-the traditional wedding, which took place in Sikh Temple Shri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend. It all started early in the morning in Kent with preparations of Nunu, but after a short while we were on the way to the temple. The place itself is amazing for many reasons. I can say that all that the photographer needs for good pictures is this couple and that place.

Right after the ceremony we went to Frasers Coldharbour Farm in Kent.This is a perfect place for small family ceremonies where love, family, dancing and chillout means everything. Once again it turned out that people create the atmosphere a well organised wedding reception. All day was very relaxing and full of positive energy. I also cannot forget the fantastic food which was also served in Gurdwara Temple and Coldharbour Farm. It was definitely another wonderful day with N&N – take a look:

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