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February 06, 2012

Hazlewood Castle Wedding, Leeds | Photo Booth and Frank Sinatra Crazy Day


I present the next part of my ‘adventure’ with Neil and Nunu. The wedding of the couple who has unlimited sources of positive energy.  After the meeting on the 3rd of September I could not wait to meet them again – two weeks later on the 17th of September. I would like to show you those few hours captured on 69 photos. That time was mainly filled with smile and laughter of Nunu and Neil. After the pre-wedding session I was convinced that the wedding of this couple will be a big event, but what I saw was far beyond my expectations. The wedding took place in Hazlewood Castle in Leeds and the whole day was magical. Everything was perfect and just the way every photographer would have wished for: a beautiful and cheerful bride, a handsome groom, and guests moved almost to tears. Moreover, the place and weather were perfect, just  as the guests who did their best during the ceremony, crazy booth, and great reception with swing music. All this happened during 12h that seemed like a moment. All that was left were the pictures and regret that I could not stay longer despite the invitation. Instead of enjoying myself and singing Sinatra I had to travel Leeds – London, and listen to BBC1..


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Please visit the part with a reportage, and below I present another session which was taken during the day: Photo Crazy Booth. It is another way to make this day even more interesting for the guests and have group photos that are funny, original but also stylish and interesting. This time the crazy booth took place in front of the castle, on a meadow, under a beautiful tree. It is a great example of a fantastic open air ‘studio’ - without cables, additional lighting, just few gadgets, party people and a good photographer

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December 28, 2011

Wedding Photo Booth - a great idea to make your wedding day even more special

Here are some photos from the wedding of Simla and Anvyl, who got married last Sunday. They are definitely extraordinary pictures, and I will show only the last part of the session –photo booth for young couple and the guests. Everything took place in Nonsuch Mansion in Surrey, which is a beautiful place itself. At the end of a day all I had to do was to arrange lamps and the stand, and wait to see what happens. Take a look at some photos that were taken spontaneously and without special posing. Photo Crazy Booth it is.

If you are considering having photo booth at your wedding, you have to remember about a few important issues: time, space, accessories, and good humour of the guests.

Time – think of the best time during your wedding day to organise one hour photo both session. From my experience I can tell you that the best moment is after the first dance and after the cake has been served. When the dance floor is not so packed anymore, it is a sign to suggest guests to enjoy photo both. The place is important for many reasons, both technical and safety ones. The guests need to feel free to fully enjoy themselves, and a photographer needs to feel safe. A photographer has to make sure that the place for photo booth is not situated directly at the passage between reception rooms and the hall, and that the cables, lamps and a stand are not in a way of people who are walking by or dancing. However trivial this may sound now, during the wedding, when everything happens so fast, it turns out how important is to stick the cables to the floor so no one would stumble over them.

Accessories – these are usually wigs, hats, masks, moustache, glasses, funny clothes. You can also add some more stuff to your bag of accessories. If you, or your friends, are a fan of a certain movie, TV series or book, try finding a few additional items that would add colour to your session.

Photo booth is definitely a great idea to make your wedding day even more special, and your wedding photo album, even more joyful and interesting. Make sure that your photographer knows how to prepare a “photo booth” and go for it. Good luck!

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December 14, 2011

Photo Booth | 11 December 2011 | Simla and Anvyl | Nonsuch Mansion | London

Great day, great evening!

Just the one for now:



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