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February 22, 2013

Brief review of Liz & Michael Wedding Day, Boreham House, Chelmsford CM3 3HY


A few days ago I had a chance to meet Rhian and her family again. This time because of the wedding of her sister, Liz. The preparations, ceremony and reception took place in a lovely location: Boreham House near Chelmsford (CM3 3HY). From early morning I felt as if I was at home, and this was because of a day spent at Rhian's wedding in August. Bride's hair was done by Kelly Edgar. Zoe Marie Schibler took care of makeup. Guests enjoyed the great sounds of the 10 piece band Motown Gold.

Below you can see 25 photos as a brief review of what happened on 9 February.


Click to Enjoy..



05_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

00_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

01_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

02_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

04_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

05_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

05a_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

06_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

07_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

08_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

09_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

10_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

11_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

12_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

13_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

14_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

15_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

16_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

17_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

18_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

19_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

20_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

22_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

23_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

24_Boreham House_Chelmsford_CM33HY_london_wedding_photographer

Venue: Boreham House

Hair: Kelly Edgar

Makeup: Zoe Marie Schibler



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