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November 07, 2012

Kids at your wedding? Of course!


If you wonder whether the presence of children at the wedding is a good idea, I will try to dispel your doubts.

In my opinion children can often act both as a quick ignition, and a catalyst for various positive emotions. Thanks to children weddings can gain a new dimension. They are no more just social and family meetings. There is an additional promise of the presence of people who perceive the world in a different way, and often find enormous joy in being in different places, in different ways.

Any examples? For adults and guests a wedding cake is sacred, for children it's a trophy. For adults the ceremony is a time for reflection, and for children it is an ideal moment to untie a  long-forgotten knot, or to take a nap. During the appetizers, the first and fifth course, and the dessert adults usually relish the taste, talk, and relax – children relish the taste above all, but oh how they do it!

Children can also break jitters into pieces, and crank up the party on the floor, if need be. Above all – they are a satisfying subject for a photographer. I myself have two sons and  I know from experience how intensive every minute of their life is. Children at weddings make it possible to capture interesting moments. However, people who think that they are easier to photograph are mistaken. Children move with the speed of light, their orbits are absolutely irregular, they don't have calm conversations, and they don't wait for a photo. 

Here are several examples from my recent weddings.

I had a charming model at one of them. The girls waited for a signal to enter the room. The first one, also the youngest, seemed to be lost in thought, but after a while she “woke up” seeing my camera, and reacted really spontaneously. I checked, the photos are 18 seconds apart. The diptych goes to favourites.




This subject was also something that I couldn't miss. Mr Bunny was an inherent part of the day. He appeared first during the preparations, so I decided to follow him during the day. In some indefinable way he was attached to his owner with an invisible umbilical cord. Although he often found himself in different places among strangers – he always found his way to his little friend.


IMG_2439 IMG_9568IMG_2611 IMG_9643IMG_2477


Tiredness can get you in various moments. Preparations are exhausting for children, too. The omnipresent rush, the frequent stress. I think that girls are more deeply affected by such morning time than boys. They can pull themselves together in the hustle and bustle of trying on, styling, or making up. That's why the need to relax and reset comes quite early. One not always finds an appropriate place to rest. Who cares?  The most important thing is to charge your batteries before the evening party.


Helena1 Helena1a Helena


For even younger guests such a ceremony often goes unnoticed. Usually the only mark of participation in an important family event is visible in my photos.



Some photographs wouldn't be even possible without children, as it is because of them that a family session is organised. Even if there was the wedding of parents the day before, right now He is the most important!


And can anything be more interesting than boring adult talk? Of course - unravelling!


So, if you wonder whether to allow children to your wedding, for me the answer is simple. They are the same guests as the others, maybe a bit smaller, maybe with different expectations, maybe they will experience the day in a different way, but they will definitely have their own place in the photographs, just like the others.


November 06, 2012

A little bit of jamaican sunshine today?


Wherever you are now, Berlin, London, Paris, Warsaw..

You may need a little bit of sunshine today :)



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