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October 30, 2012

Photo of the week | Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

a little bit different today..


October 22, 2012

Photo of the week | Friends


October 09, 2012

Would you like to order an album? You are not my customer?

Would you like to order an album?

You are not my customer?




You can order an album anyway. It does not have to be an album with wedding pictures only. You are thinking about a family photo album? The principle is the same.

I have decided to provide a service for customers who do not have a wedding album yet, and for people who are not my customers.

How does it work? It's simple – you only need to send me the photos that you selected. I can explain how to do it, (DVD, FTP, Dropbox etc.), just contact me. If I have already been your photographer, it is easy: you just need to send me a list of photos with numbers. If I am not your photographer, you just need to send me your favourite photos, with which I will make a design of an album.

In the design I can put up to 150 photos, placed on maximum 70 pages. You will receive the design of the album in an email, in the form of a link to an online gallery. Afterwards you will have time to look through and accept the arrangement of pages. In case of any reservations or modifications (change of the order of photos, highlighting of some other photo)  I will take them into consideration, and correct the design free of charge, on a one-off basis.

And now for the most important thing – the album. What does it look like? How is it made?

For several years I have been cooperating with a bookbinding firm with 40 years of tradition. It is a family firm set up by people who make all album coverings manually, with amazing care and the highest quality, both of the materials used and workmanship. (Click to see the albums). Each album is finished with a top-quality cover made of calfskin.


How_To_Order_Your_Wedding_Album_1 How_To_Order_Your_Wedding_Album_4 How_To_Order_Your_Wedding_Album_2 How_To_Order_Your_Wedding_Album_3

You can choose from 9 basic colours.


015_s_1 016_s_2 017_s_3 018_s_4
019_s_5 020_s_6 021_s_7 022_s_8

I can also custom-manufacture albums in a specific colour. As an above example: a purple cover set ordered by one of customers.

You can order albums in various sizes. I have already designed small 2.5"x2.5" (10x10cm) albums/gifts for friends and family members (also covered with calfskin). Classic albums ordered by my customers are 12"x12" (30x30cm) main wedding photo albums, and 8"x8" (20x20cm) albums for parents/friends.

You can have your names and the date of wedding embossed on the album. The embossed letters can be gold or silver at your request. The albums for parents can have other embossing, depending on your request.

You can also place your text, eg. comments on the photos or a dedication, in the design of the album (on the pages).

15 working days pass from sending me the photos to collecting the album. This period includes the making of the design, your modifications (if any), the making of the album, and shipment to the address provided.


Prices of albums:

1. 2.5"x2.5" (10x10cm) (10x20cm when unfolded) up to 40 pages: £45 | Every next two pages £3 (up to 70 pages)

2. 8"x8" (20x20cm) (20x40cm when unfolded) up to 40 pages: £150 | Every next two pages £5 (up to 70 pages)

3. 12"x12" (30x30cm) (30x60cm when unfolded) up to 40 pages: £250 | Every next two pages £7 (up to 70 pages)


The price of the album includes:

- the design of the album,

- one correction (every next correction £10),

- album,

- embossing - upon request (with or without colour) of names

- safety case


Bigger sizes available at request. Shipment of a safely packed album via a courier  (door-to-door): £15. Stylish leather case: £40 (a standard cardboard safety case included in the price of the album).


If you are thinking about a gist for yourself or your friends – such an album will be a great surprise. Remember that it is not an ordinary album, one that you can order in network points. It is a hand-made product of the highest quality, and the photos are exposed on top-quality machines. The paper is Lustre Fuji DPII Professional which guarantees extraordinary focus even with 2.5"x2.5" (10x10cm) albums. If you are interested in framed prints please see my other post.



October 08, 2012

Wedding, family, kids photos on your wall? Yes, frame your photo!







Photos on your wall?







Would you like to hang some of your photos on the wall in elegant frames?
Or maybe you thought about a gift for your nearest and dearest? Here is my suggestion.

I will prepare photos selected by you in any given size from 4”x6” (10x15cm) to 24”x60” (61x150cm). The photos will be developed on professional Fomei Pro Pearl 290g paper and put in elegant aluminium frames with or without passe-partout (all photos gain in refinement with passe-partout). I definitely recommend passe-partout for black-and-white photos. I also offer Nielsen frames for more demanding customers.

How to order?

You only need to send me your photos in the best resolution that you have, and to specify the size. Remember that if you choose a 30x45 photo, the frame will be appropriately bigger. If you want to add passe-partout (I recommend 5cm-wide passe-partout for this format), the entire photo with a frame will be 40x55cm big. Additionally, I put cardboard inside, which has a positive effect on the overall stiffness of the frame. Everything is covered with a thin perspex pane.

Remember, it is important to properly measure the wall where the photos are to be hung.
A model price-list for frames (the prices include: passe-partout, cardboard, and a printout of the photo on Fomei Pro Pearl 290g paper):


Size    Photo measurement    Price

1        4”x6” (10 x15cm)         £20
2        8”x12” (21x29,7cm)      £25
3        12”x16” (30 x40cm)      £35
4        16”x20” (40x50cm)       £40
5        16”x 22” (40x55cm)      £45
6        16”x24” (40x60cm)       £45
7        20”x28” (50x70cm)       £55
8        24”x32” (60x80cm)       £60
9        24”x36” (61x91,5cm)    £70

Shipment:  £15 (safely packed, door-to-door courier).
Below you will find an execution of my own design.



First step: Selection



  Photos_Prints_On_Your_Wall_Framed_Wedding_Family6 Photos_Prints_On_Your_Wall_Framed_Wedding_Family5 Photos_Prints_On_Your_Wall_Framed_Wedding_Family7

Photos size: 12”x18” (30x45cm) format and a frame with passe-partout (2.5”/5cm wide).
Frames size in 16”x22” (40x55cm) size.
Price: £35


Second step:  Choosing the right frame size (example of my choice, frame with passe-partout)




Last step: Ordering and hanging.






If you are interested please contact me on: 07968809883

or send me an email





First step: Selection

October 04, 2012

Rhian & Roy Wedding, Leez Priory, Chelmsford, Essex | London Wedding Photographer


August 2012 | The wedding of Rhian and Roy was a sequence of wonderful moments and places, as well as nature and weather. The weather was beautiful since early morning. A couple of doves, probably permanent inhabitants of Leez Priory, also accompanied me since the very morning.

Rhian's preparation took place in a picturesque little house, surrounded by greenery and bushes. You could feed the ducks without leaving the house, and the light coming through the doors and windows gave me opportunities for fantastic exposures.

The weather on this day surprised us several times. I always tell the young couple: “Don't worry if it rains on your wedding day. This is inevitable in England, but it usually rains for a few minutes. Besides, I like it when it rains, because such moments often add beautiful variety to the wedding story.” There is one photo of rain from that day which I particularly like. Near the end of the day, thanks to the fact that most guests were still relaxing outside, I could delight the eye with a so-called “golden hour”. Amazing, soft, golden light of the setting sun perfectly conveyed the relaxed atmosphere of the wedding.

I like to work when there is a lot of free time for guests and young couple during the day, when things do not strictly follow a meticulous schedule. When everyone has time for themselves and the young couple. Such was the case. The guests took a wander over the estates of Leez Priory, and I could watch from the distance what was going on around me, capturing the more interesting moments.

A ceremony full of emotions, smiling guests, great food and wonderful weather. What more could one want? Beautiful pictures, definitely. This is the story of Rhian and Roy, I invite you to take a look at 135 photos.


 full gallery


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