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3 posts from February 2012

February 21, 2012

There will be a little change on my website soon


There will be a little change on my website soon. Take a look at some new photos that will appear randomly. Have you got any favourite ones? If you have, just like them!



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February 09, 2012

Sikh Wedding | Temple Shri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend

Firstly, there was a pre-wedding photo session. Then, there was a fantastic wedding near Leeds in Hazlewood Castle. Now, the adventure has repeated for the third time. Neil and Nunu participated in a beautiful ceremony together with their families and friends.  As it comes to me, I had again a pleasure to be in the centre of something beautiful and traditional-the traditional wedding, which took place in Sikh Temple Shri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend. It all started early in the morning in Kent with preparations of Nunu, but after a short while we were on the way to the temple. The place itself is amazing for many reasons. I can say that all that the photographer needs for good pictures is this couple and that place.

Right after the ceremony we went to Frasers Coldharbour Farm in Kent.This is a perfect place for small family ceremonies where love, family, dancing and chillout means everything. Once again it turned out that people create the atmosphere a well organised wedding reception. All day was very relaxing and full of positive energy. I also cannot forget the fantastic food which was also served in Gurdwara Temple and Coldharbour Farm. It was definitely another wonderful day with N&N – take a look:

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February 06, 2012

Hazlewood Castle Wedding, Leeds | Photo Booth and Frank Sinatra Crazy Day


I present the next part of my ‘adventure’ with Neil and Nunu. The wedding of the couple who has unlimited sources of positive energy.  After the meeting on the 3rd of September I could not wait to meet them again – two weeks later on the 17th of September. I would like to show you those few hours captured on 69 photos. That time was mainly filled with smile and laughter of Nunu and Neil. After the pre-wedding session I was convinced that the wedding of this couple will be a big event, but what I saw was far beyond my expectations. The wedding took place in Hazlewood Castle in Leeds and the whole day was magical. Everything was perfect and just the way every photographer would have wished for: a beautiful and cheerful bride, a handsome groom, and guests moved almost to tears. Moreover, the place and weather were perfect, just  as the guests who did their best during the ceremony, crazy booth, and great reception with swing music. All this happened during 12h that seemed like a moment. All that was left were the pictures and regret that I could not stay longer despite the invitation. Instead of enjoying myself and singing Sinatra I had to travel Leeds – London, and listen to BBC1..


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Please visit the part with a reportage, and below I present another session which was taken during the day: Photo Crazy Booth. It is another way to make this day even more interesting for the guests and have group photos that are funny, original but also stylish and interesting. This time the crazy booth took place in front of the castle, on a meadow, under a beautiful tree. It is a great example of a fantastic open air ‘studio’ - without cables, additional lighting, just few gadgets, party people and a good photographer

from Bartek Wscisel on Vimeo





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