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December 27, 2011

DeLorean Wedding Car as Best Man's surprise!

The wedding ceremony and reception is one thing, but undoubtedly bride and groom are the most important people on that day. However, you cannot forget best men – especially those, who actively participate in the organization of a wedding which is not theirs. Asif was the best man of that kind, who I had a pleasure to meet long before I met the wedding couple. Asif made a great impression on me since our first conversation on the phone – he was totally involved in the preparations.  Not mentioning his positive attitude and constant smile on his face – if I hadn’t known he was doing it for the first time I would have though he is a professional wedding planner. Everything was perfectly planned. One of the greatest things he came up with was a surprise for the groom, who is a big fan of “Back to the future”  film trilogy, and consequently a great fan of DeLorean car and Doctor Emmett Lathrop - "Doc" Brown.

The groom was picked up by the very same car which was driven by…..the doctor himself. The happiness of the groom was just priceless.  The car was equipped with all the stuff that the original car from the movie had. Here are some photos from that special day, including the special photo of the groom and his best man. Don’t men just stay big boys for life? It also happens to me sometimes..


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This is really an awesome car! I want to ride it on.

Wow! My husband would be surprised if this turned out to be our bridal car! I hope I can rent this to surprise him. Where did you rent this car?

Hi Kindra, just simply - try google: "delorean car hire" :)

What is the world is this car? AWESOME! :)

Wow! Would you look at that? If I were the groom, I would feel more than surprised if someone would bring this to my wedding day! :D Hmm, if I would be allowed to ask for a gift for my wedding, I'll just ask them if they could bring one of this or buy me one. Heheh.

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