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June 16, 2011

London City Airport Wedding | Lan & Ricky 13th June


It was my second fantastic day with Lan and Ricky. An incredible place, only a few steps from a runway of London City Airport. I love everything that flies so I enjoyed it very much. The atmosphere was special, filled with laughter, toasts and food – my beef with rice was delicious. Here are two photos from that meeting for a start.



June 14, 2011

Lan & Ricky | 12th June | London | Barbecue time!


Last Sunday everyone was waiting for the sun. Lan and Ricky organised traditional games, tea ceremony and a barbecue for the family and friends. 
Everything was great except for the weather. However, Rick’s determination made us all delight in the taste of prawns and different kinds of grilled meat . The party was cheerful with loads of delicious food, prepared thanks to my ability to light a barbecue :)




1tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer  2atea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 2btea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 3tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 4tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 5tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 7tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 9tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 10tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 11tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 16tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 17tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 19etea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 19ftea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 19gtea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 21tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 22tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 25tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 30tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 32tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer 31tea_ceremony_games_london_wedding_photographer

June 09, 2011

Thank You Card - For all of the Brides - in just 10 days after the wedding!


Good news!


All of the brides will receive a Thank You Card in just ten days after the wedding.



6 June 2011 | Brighton Wedding


Just one for now..



June 05, 2011

4 June | Afifa & Faisal Wedding | Chiswick House and Gardens | London


 Another amazing day with Afifa and Faisal..

Here are some photos from that day.




Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_1 Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_2 Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_5 Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_8 Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_9 Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_10 Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_12 Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_12a Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_13 Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_14 Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_15 Chiswick_House_London_Asian_Wedding_Photographer_16




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